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Take the guesswork out of growing your business with a customer service platform that seamlessly integrates with your CRM process. Whether you’re looking to increase your brand reputation or stand out from competitors, WHISPA has got you covered

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How you show up online determines who shows up at your business. Build the kind of reputation that drives people to your site, then turn your happiest customers into positive reviews with WHISPA

Get Reviews

With WHISPA, collecting and displaying reviews across any site has never been so easy. Our integrations communicate directly with your business and automatically send out review invites with each customer order. You can invite customers to leave reviews via links, QR codes, or both at once

Get Better

Stop losing sleep over poor customer reviews. Outnumber them instead with WHISPA. Positive reviews are published right to your desired site, while negative reviews from unhappy customers are examined to understand what went wrong and how you can address the issue for them and future customers

WHISPA is an intelligent customer service platform used by businesses to collect online reviews, interact with customers, and monitor customer sentiment. Reviews are collected via links or QR codes where happy customers are redirected to leave a review on your desired site. Unhappy customers will be redirected to you!

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