Integrated CRM, Project Management & HR software

As an acronym for Customer Relationship Management, CRM refers to the techniques, technologies, tools, and strategies enterprises use to develop, acquire, and retain customers.

CRM aids smooth and efficient customer interactions to ensure an increase in business’ overall profits. The software gathers consumer data from various channels to help a business owner make the most informed decisions. Hence, CRM contains detailed information of customers’ personal info, overall purchase history, purchase behavior patterns, etc.

CRM solutions help businesses track company and customer interactions on multiple channels, including emails, forms, phone calls, etc. Technically, integrating Customer Relationship Management into your sales and marketing processes helps manage your entire sales funnel, manage customer requests, and automate service operation via predefined processes to ensure an excellent customer experience.

Its implementation helps you focus on your company’s relationship with all persons, including service users, customers, suppliers, or colleagues. This also cuts across finding new customers, providing support, and other services that improve your business relationship.

How Can Integrating CRM and Project Management Software Help Your Business?

Good businesses are typically over-reliant on well-formed customer relationships. A lot more than a credit-debit transaction happen during product purchase. Where was your product found? How long did it take such a customer to eventually make a purchase? When did the customer purchase a product last? Answers to questions such as these ones are foundational to the data the CRM stores. So, technically, integrating a CRM system has proven to be invaluable to (luxury) companies.

CRM systems offer numerous tracking features recording customer interactions online and help project managers measure their company’s productivity and overall performance. Examine some key benefits of integrating CRM into your business operations to better understand the functionality of CRMs.

1.Improved Customer Satisfaction

The more you know about your customers, the better your chances of gaining their trust and effectively satisfying their needs. Understanding your customers’ preferences, needs, and behaviors is instrumental to creating higher levels of customer satisfaction. Tools like WHISPA helps your reach your customers for feedback, helping you identify areas where you can do better to serve them the best. WHISPA enables business owners to send links to their customers for feedback generation – business service providers can either generate such links manually or through a QR code.

2.Increased Revenue

CRMs help companies develop targeted and more effective marketing strategies resulting in higher revenue generation. This includes eradicating prospects with reduced conversion tendencies using the data and analytics generated from CRM solutions.

3.Streamline Sales Funnel

A sales funnel begins with a customers’ first interaction with your brand and ends when a customer eventually makes a purchase. Integrating CRMs into your business operations helps you streamline your funnels, predicting your expected revenues during a particular period. This includes identifying your customers’ churn rate, eliminating bottlenecks from the funnel, etc.

4.Seamless Internal Communication

Using the best CRM software helps put every internal department of your company on the same page. With employees across relevant departments having access to the same data, efficient communication and improved collaborations can be achieved effortlessly.

These are a few of the numerous advantages enterprise CRM solutions offer managers. According to a recent IBM report, 79% of leads generated by companies who do not use CRM nowadays would fail to convert. Now, the big question is how to integrate CRM.

How Can We Help You? – The WHISPA Approach

Undoubtedly, using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has numerous associated benefits, as explored so far in this article.

WHISPA has a proven track record of helping business service providers digitize their businesses and effortlessly reach their customers for feedback. WHISPA enables business owners to send links to their customers for feedback and understand areas they excel in and need to exert even more effort in improving their customer satisfaction levels and ultimately generating even more revenues.

Now is the time to take a step into your business’s future. To give your customers the best customer experience, contact us!