Why SMS Marketing and How Does It Work?

With more than 292 million people using text messaging services in North America, the importance of a robust SMS marketing campaign can never be underestimated. SMS marketing is yet another excellent way to build or improve your communication with your consumers.

This article carefully explains what SMS marketing is, how it works, and the various problems it helps businesses solve.

First, What Is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is the process of communicating with your customers using text messages. Such communication may include promotions, campaigns, updates, news, etc.

Like email marketing, SMS marketing gives businesses complete control over their SMS lists, including what they share, how and when they choose to share such content, etc.

What Problem Does SMS Marketing Solve?

SMS marketing is an efficient and reliable means of marketing, offering an approximate 19% click-through rate, according to Infographics. Generally, because most people are always with their phones, their chances of reading an SMS are considerably high, regardless of its content, whether informational, promotional, etc. And this is what makes it an essential mode of marketing, especially for small-scale businesses.

Below are some problems SMS Marketing help businesses to solve:

Fast Delivery: SMS Marketing help brands communicate with their customers or prospects as quickly as the speed of light. Therefore, it is a suitable option for sending time-sensitive messages, such as event-related promotions, flash sales, etc.

Higher Response Rates: SMS Marketing help businesses achieve better responses from their promotional campaigns, resulting in better engagements and more sales.

Brand Exposure: Recent studies prove that 45% of consumers reply to branded text messages. Businesses, especially startups, can establish brand awareness, getting more and more people to know them using excellent SMS marketing strategies.

Data Collection: Approximately 31% of recipients respond to their texts. Do you need to conduct a survey? SMS marketing is an excellent option to consider. It’s a great source of actionable insights into your brand performance, etc.

Why SMS Marketing?

Apart from the problems SMS Marketing helps businesses solve, as discussed above, why should brands choose SMS marketing over other forms of digital marketing? Below are a few reasons:

  • SMS marketing is permission-based.
  • It’s a tool for mass communication.
  • SMS Marketing is very affordable with instant delivery.
  • It offers trackable insights, etc.

How Does SMS Marketing Works?

First, choose an SMS messaging platform that best suits your business needs. Next, collect the contact information of your current customers and prospects – you can do this by asking them to subscribe to text messaging, etc. Ensure it’s consensual to avoid spamming or sending unwanted messages to people.

Ensure your text includes Call to Actions, CTA, inviting recipients to take actions, including signifying interest for offers, visiting your websites, booking spaces for your events, etc.


Well-planned SMS marketing campaigns can help bring you closer to your existing customers and prospects. Apart from communicating promotional and informational content, it’s a medium to build brand loyalty and improve your brand reputation via insights generated from your recipients’ feedback.